David Albert Weidner

Weidner & Associates lost its founder (our father and father-in-law) David Albert Weidner, on Tuesday, December 27, 2016. Our company will never be the same without “Big Dave.” Dave started his career working for his friend and neighbor Wayne Wiscomb in an inside sales role in the process instrumentation industry, primarily focused on water treatment. After graduating from the University of Utah in the 1960’s with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Dave took on an outside sales territory and worked hard to achieve successful results. He later became business partners with Wayne. In 1974, together with his wife Carol, Dave founded Weidner & Associates. The company continued to grow into additional process instrumentation markets and began selling personal safety equipment to general industry and fire departments. Dave hired his son-in-law, Brad Colligan (Rebecca) in 1987, and Brad helped Dave take the company to new heights. Dave’s son Mark (Alysia) and son-in-law Troy McBride (Dianne), later joined the business, and led by the four of them, along with the dedication and talent of their entire company, continued to build Weidner into the business it is today. Dave often gave credit to his wife, Carol, for her love and support as he built the family business. Dave has always been well respected by his employees, business partners, customers, and even competitors as a kind yet tenacious business man. He had a genuine ability to forge relationships with the suppliers that Weidner represented. Weidner has represented some of their suppliers for 30-40 years. Dave was hardworking, but never let business become more important than his family or his many years of service in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Though Dave was typically soft-spoken and reserved in terms of conversation, his family and close friends know that when he did say something, it was meaningful and often humorous! Dave’s leadership style was one of humility and mentoring by example. He always put the utmost confidence and trust in his business partners and employees. Dave’s focus and concern was always on taking care of others, from his loving and devoted wife, Carol, to his eight children, to his 36 grandchildren, to his five great grandchildren (with many more to come!), to his employees, and to those he served and cared for as an LDS missionary, Bishop, Boy Scouts of America leader, and in many other capacities. Dave’s legacy will live on through his family, his family-oriented business culture, and through the thousands of people he impacted for good during his life. Dave’s loss leaves an inestimable void in our hearts. The company’s partners are inspired to carry on his legacy for decades to come. Weidner & Associates will continue forward, led by Dave’s son Mark (president, Weidner & Associates), son-in-law Brad Colligan (Vice President, Weidner Industrial), and son-in-law Troy McBride (Vice President, Weidner Fire). Read Obituary: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/deseretnews/obituary.aspx?n=david-albert-weidner&pid=183260432&fhid=4551

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